"My first boat painting was “Siluca” and, after that, I did more than 30 offshore boats at Marcus Teixeira's boat yard Premium in Bracuí, where I worked for 3 years and met people like Nelson Piquet, A.C.Lobato, Ricardo Lowndes, "Mussum", among other clients/friends. After Premium I went to work in Italy on the construction of “Pilar Rossi”, Nelson Piquet's boat. I stayed a year and a half in Viareggio, the cradle of the Italian nautical industry.  When I finished painting the “tender” of the “Pilar”, I got on the radar of several shipyards in the region, completing work on large boats, such as the “Toi et Moi” by Sofia Loren, the “Kalamoun” of Adnan Kashogui, @perininavi's 150-foot “Andromeda” sailboat, among other megayachts, and 2 offshore racing catamarans from CUV shipyard, the best at the time. On my way back from Italy I went to work at Mares, and was responsible for the exterior design, painting and finishing of the boats. In January 1993 I went to the factory of Mares, Florida, in Titusville, Cape Canaveral, to make the two 38-foot offshore catamarans that would be launched at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show that year. It took 10 months to prepare the boats from scratch, a period of hard work but a lot of satisfaction for working on the American “standard”. I stayed at Mares for 8 years, made more than 150 boats of 30, 45 and 50 feet and catamarans of 38, 40, 50 and 58 feet from the shipyard. It was years of hard work, where I made great friendships and had the privilege of meeting incredible and unforgettable people like, Dr. Roberto Marinho, Pery Igel, Vivi Nabuco, Clóvis Macedo, Marcel Telles, Beto Sicupira, Carlos Alberto Ribeiro (owner of the shipyard and Cimento Tupi), and my dear friend Luis Leopoldo Noronha "Bijú", among many others from an extensive and very select list."


LF Clark's first boat painting. Cigarrete 28' from Premium Powerboats

Boat Logo designs

Cat 38' with special painting by Clark made in USA


LF Clark and one of his boat paintings. Cigarrete 28' from Premium Powerboats


Fishing Boat Logo designs


LF Clark boating a Premium with his painting.

Clark was hired to manage the special paint overhaul of the Megayacht Le Grand Bleu in Rio de Janeiro. A job done in 5 months by 15 employees of his firm. The 360-foot "Ship" has two helipads, an 86' sailboat and a 68' SunSeeker speedboat on deck with its own cranes. Owner Evegeniy Shvidler Russian partner of Roman Abramovich ex owner of LGB.

Testing day before Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show

Detail of the painting

Nautica's magazine cover with boat 1

Clark and Bob Moore in Daytona for the 1500HP testing day

The boat with special painting by Clark on display at Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show

Offshore's magazine cover with boat 2

Italian racing catamaram painted by Clark in Italy

Italian racing catamaram paint design by Clark

Clark at texting day of the two Isotta Fraschini 750HP!

Clark in front of CUV in Viareggio

Pilar Rossi ready to go

Clark at the fly bridge of Pilar Rossi with his signature design on the tender

Clark and Oreste Bergamini owner/CEO of CUV Boatyards

Nelson Piquet and Pedro Leolpoldo testing the Tender to Pillar Rossi before Clark's paint design

Fleet in Australia with Clark's art

Clark's art in a 46' fishing boat at Rio de Janeiro

Sail boat Vivant 86' - Marble painting

Delivery day